Please read the following testimonials about people who have experienced a mighty night in Havana Brown’s nightclub!

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My girlfriend and I recently attended Havanas along with a group of her friends. Halfway through the night my girlfriend fell over and hurt her ankle quite badly. Id just like to say I was delighted with the level of professionalism from the young staff in attending to her by offering her somewhere to sit along with ice for her ankle. To make a bad situation worse she then realized her iphone was gone after the tumble. We searched frantically but to no avail. A staff member then approached me and asked what I was looking for.

To make a long story short this staff member brought me to the cloak room and after a quick proof check handed me my girlfriends iphone. We were never so happy and left Havannas well impressed with how friendly and courteous the staff were to us. I feel it is important to highlight good deeds and people like your staff who take pride in what they do and how they do it as it is too often we hear people whine about nightclub staff. Please pass on this message to all of your staff and inform them that their good attitude towards people will always assure return business and personal progression in their chosen careers.


Just wanna say Thanks again to the management and staff last night who went above and beyond to get my bag back that had been stolen and catch those responsible before they left the club! Greatly appreciated!!


A very special thanks from the @Killarney Grand staff tonight!’ Ye were amazing to us!! Hope to see ye in the Kingdom sometime soon!! Xoxo again thanks for everything!!


Thanks to Michelle our hostess Saturday night, she made everyone’s night really good, lovely girl 🙂