Smirnoff Slumberfest tonight in Havana Browns

Smirnoff’s Slumberfest is happening tonight in Havana Browns.
A massive Bed is currently being erected, a Giant feather stuffed pillow is on site and the whole club is being kitted out in a slumber party theme. Through out the night every time a purchase of Smirnoff vodka is made i.e (Smirnoff & Coke, Smirnoff & Cranberry) lots of slumber party goodies are being given away. They’ve got Bags of Sweets, eye masks, mini alarm clocks, night caps and much more. Doors are open from 11pm and entry is free before 11.30pm, so get in early and grab yourselves some goodies and have a dance/jump on the bed. Dj till late. Great nights are #yoursforthemaking #pj’soptional

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