Wash 250 XT

Club Tech SpecsA completely new optical system makes this fixture 50% brighter than its predecessor, the Wash 250 XT. New ultra smooth CMY colour mixing offers a fantastic spectrum of hues. A motorized zoom effect ranges from 8° – 32° and the extremely silent cooling system and movement make this fixture a superb choice for TV and theatre. The colour wheel offers 6 saturated colours + open, using Robe‘s renowned ″SLOT&LOCK″system. Frost filter and a beam shaper are available on the effect wheel. As with all other Robe AT moving heads, 16-bit resolution is available for movement, colour wheel positioning and dimming.

The ColorSpot 250 AT

Club Tech SpecsThe ColorSpot 250 AT includes a new rotating gobo wheel with 7 replaceable ″SLOT&LOCK″ dichroic glass gobos + open, and a new colour wheel hosting 10 replaceable ″SLOT&LOCK″ colours + open. The 3-facet rotating prism is now also replaceable. Completely new software enables very smooth rotations of gobos and prism, and 8 or 16-bit resolution for gobo indexing, prism indexing and dimmer. The improved cooling system ensures better operating conditions for lamp and reduces noise at the same time. The ColorSpot 250 AT is aimed at the TV studios, small and middle sized clubs and discotheques, and various types of installations.

The Resolution 1


  • Very low distortion
  • Funktion One designed Neodymium drivers
  • Rotatable mid-high waveguide for horizontal use
  • Integral 35mm pole mount
  • Optional full grill for discrete appearance
  • Optional Passive Crossover Module (PX1)
  • Complete range of flying and mounting options

Driver – 12″
Operating Band – 25 – 520Hz
Sensitivity (1W at 1m) – 102dB
Power (rms)* – 350W
Nominal Impedance – 8Ω**

Driver – 5″
Operating Band – 520Hz – up
Sensitivity (1W at 1m) – 112dB
Power (rms)* – 75W
Nominal Impedance – 12Ω**

*AES rated
** 8Ω Nominal Total Impedance when run passively

Frequency Response ± 3dB: 65Hz – 15kHz
Weight: 19kg (42lbs)
Nominal Dispersion: 40° Horizontal x 25° Vertical
Connectors: 2 x Speakon NL4


The Resolution 1 is a radical, 2-way loudspeaker enclosure, resulting from Tony Andrews’ 30 years pioneering research and development of high efficiency cone mid-range. A unique Funktion-One 5” loudspeaker eliminates the need for compression drivers with their associated harshness and distortion. This device, when used in conjunction with the dedicated Axhead loaded waveguide, smoothly reproduces both mid-range and high frequencies with exceptional coherency and detail. Further, this 5″ device smoothly connects with the 12″ ported low frequency driver at 520Hz. This is in contrast to conventional 2-way systems where compromised compression drivers are stretched to (almost) meet equally stretched and indistinct 12″ or 15″ low frequency drivers at between 1 and 2kHz. The accuracy, projection and imaging detail of the R1 make it ideally suited to high intelligibility applications including theatrical use. The enclosure shape has a rear recess that can be fitted with the optional PX1 passive crossover module. The waveguide can be rotated for use in either vertical or horizontal formats.


Club Tech SpecsFeatures:

  • Dual Funktion One designed 18” drivers with 5” voice-coils
  • Dimensionally identical to F218
  • Includes a curved stainless steel grill
  • Integral handles
  • Optional wheels

Driver – 2 x 18″
Operating Band – 20 – 80Hz
Sensitivity (1W at 1m) – 103dB
Power (rms)* – 1200W
Nominal Impedance – 2x 8Ω / 4Ω Total

*AES rated

Frequency Response ± 3dB: 25Hz – 80Hz
Weight: 90kg (198lbs)
Construction: 18mm Birch Ply
Connectors: 2 x Speakon NL4

(One driver wired pins 1+/- and one on 2 +/-)


The patented Infrabass 218 is a bass loudspeaker enclosure covering the octave from 30 to 60Hz. It delivers smooth, deep bass for a powerful sonic experience. Its proficiency through the lowest bass octave can be used to extend the bass delivery of any Funktion One system. Due to the very large current requirements of extreme low frequencies, only amplifiers with high calibre power supplies will realise the full potential of this product. The optional Double Infrahorn, shown overleaf, can provide significant additional loading for a pair of Infrabass 218s in applications with extreme bass requirements.

Club Tech Specs



  • Dual Funktion One designed 15” drivers
  • Fully horn loaded for high efficiency
  • Integral handles
  • Optional wheels

Driver – 2 x 15″
Operating Band – 30 – 125Hz
Sensitivity (1W at 1m) – 105dB
Power (rms)* – 800W
Nominal Impedance – 2x 8Ω / 4Ω Total

*AES rated

Frequency Response ± 3dB: 55Hz – 250Hz
Weight (ceramic magnets): 70kg (154lbs)
Weight (neodymium magnets): 60kg (132lbs)
Construction: 18mm Birch Ply
Connectors: 2 x Speakon NL4 (One driver wired pins 1+/- and one on 2 +/-)


The F215 is a double 15” bass enclosure which utilises the same bass loading technology as Funktion One’s highly regarded F218 with similar performance characteristics. It is pitched higher giving slightly less low end extension but even tighter and punchier upper bass. The F215 can be used to great effect as mid-bass in systems with Infrabass low end extension.